Over the past little while, it's become evident Nutella is really stepping up their game. What with the arrival of all of the Nutella products at Tim Hortons, the Nutella To-Go, and the crazy creative recipes that have become available over the course of 2015. The crazy part is that Nutella doesn't even have to do this. Their product is so magical we would buy it without all the bells and whistles.

HOWEVER the discovery of the "Nutella B-ready" has changed everything. Just look at it. It is a brilliant take on what we all know and adore. Nutella and bread wafer biscuit. But it's not just any bread, it's a fuckin' baguette-y bread.

From what we can tell this beautiful mother is not yet available in Canada. Obviously this needs to change immediately but until that happens, you can buy it online right here.

You're welcome.

Photo cred - Maria Czerniak

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