At this stage in the game, I'm sure we're all aware of one thing: bagels are baeBut do you know what else is seriously amazing? Do you know what other baked good is crispy on the outside, fluffy and moist on the inside, and packed with so much happiness you'll start grinning ear to ear the second you set eyes upon it? It's the pretzel, my friend. And it's beautiful.

I know what you're thinking: Pretzels are small, dry, and come in a bag. Well, friends, I'm sorry, but no. Snack pretzels are good and all - but if you've ever had a real, fresh-out-the-oven pretzel, then you know. You know tastes and textures that are too amazing for this life. You know food euphoria. You know the truth.

If you've never tried a fresh pretzel, fear not. One Montreal bakery is going to change the game for you. Just be warned: Once you've tried these delicious breaded treats, there's no going back. They're just that good.

Bretzel Et Compagnie (5670 Jarry Est) is a pretzel shop that specializes in much more than your average, delicious baked bagel. A sample of their pretzel-inspired options? Chocolate drizzled, maple, cheddar and chilli, and - of course - pretzel bagels (!!!)

For those of you who need a little help imagining the possibilities, pretzel bagels mean you can combine the joy of bagels with the pure happiness of pretzels. You can have pretzel bagels and lox. You can have a pretzel BLT. You can have pretzel bagels and cream cheese. You can have real joy in the palm of your hands. Amazing? Amazing.

If this sounds like your next fave (and you know it does), don't forget to check out Bretzel Et Compagnie's Facebook page and website.

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