Environmental consciousness is becoming more mainstream than ever before. More often than not you're going to have a hard time finding shops that still offer plastic bags, and most restaurants have ditched plastic straws. 

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Café le 5e is a quaint little café that looks like any place you'd get coffee from. Cute seating areas, great drinks, chill vibes, what more could you ask for?

Well, this spot is actually 100% zero waste. The small business has created their own environmentally-friendly business model, void of offering customers anything that isn't reusable or biodegradable. 

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Some of the ways the café has eliminated waste is by offering customers reusable mason jars instead of paper cups for drinks, as well as composting all food scraps and  coffee grounds. You can also bring your own reusable cups and they'll put your drink in there.

Café le 5e is also in the process of giving all of their compost to a local mushroom farm, which begs the question if more cafés and restaurants in Montreal will adopt this model, not only helping the environment but local Quebec farmers.

The restaurant is also 100% vegan, and offer tons of good eats as well as quality caffeinated beverages. 

Thanks to businesses like this, Montreal is quickly becoming one of the most eco-friendly cities in Canada. Just last year 6,500 people attended a zero-waste festival in Old Montreal, proving that our city really does care about what waste we're producing and how to cut back on it.

To check out Café le 5e's menu and any events they have going on click HERE.


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