If you love Ramen as much as I do you probably already tried Kinton Ramen in downtown Montreal.

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Kinton Ramen is the real deal, this restaurant chain was the first authentic Japanese Ramen restaurant in Toronto - so you know they're not messing around.

Their first Montreal location is on Bishop street in Montreal. Where you can find a busy and spacious restaurant and terrasse to enjoy your ramen. 

When I visited this spot, it was Saturday around lunch time and it was packed.  Looks like people enjoy Ramen as a "eggs and bacon" brunch alternative. 

Their standard menu is easy to understand and comes with the standard ramen options for broth, meat, and toppings. A create your own ramen type of deal. And they also have unique ramen bowls specials on their changing menu as well.

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That said, they're popularity is clearly growing as they're opening up not one, but two new locations in Montreal.

This is easily confirmed on Kinton Ramen's official site. One location will be on Cotes-Des-Neiges and Jean Brilliant and then other will be on Sainte Catherine West near Atwater. 

Let's hope they keep those delicious noodles expanding all around Montreal!

For more info visit Kinton Ramen's Instagram page HERE

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