Certain cuisines simply don't lend well to being vegan-ized, especially when a majority of dishes contain meat (or animal by-products) of some form. Case in point: Southern food, which is pretty much centered on big hunks of meat paired with a multitude of buttery sides.

Fried chicken, brisket, jambalaya, are but a sample of examples of the many meat-centric mains part of Southern cuisine. Even the side dishes are chock full of vegan-unfriendly ingredients, like gravy-doused mash potatoes and butter covered green beans.

So as you can see, Southern food is pretty much off the dinner table for vegans almost all of the time. Unless you happen to live in Montreal, that is.

As part of Chez Boris's ongoing "After Dark" food events, the Mile End donut-cafe will be hosting a special vegan "Southern Comfort Night," giving all those who are fully vegan a chance to enjoy the delicious eats of the south.

To be held tonight, Friday, December 18th, the Southern menu will feature seared BBQ tempeh, vegan braised greens, and vegan cornbread. Attendees can choose to order each dish alone, or grab a combo with tempeh and a side or all three on one big plate.

But really, if you want to be true to the South, you should go with the last option, because nothing says Southern eating like huge portions.

For more details on Chez Boris After Dark's Southern Comfort Night, head over to the Facebook event page here.

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