Friends, one of the best things about the Montreal food scene is the fact that for every restaurant that closes, another one opens. It's beautiful, if you think about it.

I was very upset to hear about the closure of one of my favourite dumpling places, The Fortune Dumpling & Bubble Tea, right near Concordia University. But out of this tragedy comes some good news, friends, because a new eatery is setting up shop in that location. And it just so happens to be one of my - and yours, I'm sure - favourite cuisines.

Bombay Mahal (1629 Rue Ste-Catherine O) is an Indian restaurant that's going to be taking over the spot formerly occupied by The Fortune Dumpling & Bubble Tea. Do you recognize the name? Perfect. That's because this is the second location for the famous Montreal Indian spot - the first of which can be found on Jean-Talon.

If this spot is anything like its parent location, then you can expect their standard fresh, tasty, authentic Indian fare, such as aloo gobi (!!!), butter chicken, shahi paneer, and many, many other flavourful dishes. And all of this without having to make the trek down to Park-Ex, friends. Best news all week? You know it. If this sounds like your new fave, don't forget to check out Bombay Mahal's Facebook page.

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