What happens when disaster strikes a fanciful feast? Does anyone stop and think of the food left behind? Husband and wife team Davide Luciano and Claudia Ficca, both Montreal natives, explore the aftermath of meals gone wrong in their photography collection titled Meals Interrupted. Luciano, a photographer, and Ficca, a food stylist, have combined their skills  to create thought provoking food photos that make you wonder about meals that could have been.

The couple's goal for Meals Interrupted is to tell a story of unusual circumstances solely through food. Luciano and Ficca's photos (al shot in NYC and MTL) are infused with a sense of regret and wonder as you try to understand the before and after of events of each image. A range of unexpected disasters occur in every meal/photo, from a juvenile food fight to a gritty assassination. Meals Interrupted is more than just food photography, its a culinary narrative of strange disasters.

Check out the collection of photos below (all shot in New York City and Montreal) and let us know what you think!

Photos - Davide Luciano

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