High society lives in a slightly different fashion than us, regular human beings. Exclusive club memberships is part of their every day existence. Sad part? These clubs look like a lot of fun and we're not invited. Most Montrealers don't even know such clubs exist...

People of influence like politicians, businessmen, A-list celebrities and power attorneys need to unwind, relax, gamble and socialize away from the public eye. Montreal offers a variety of exclusive establishments reserved for the "in" crowd.

Saint James Club

1145 Avenue Union

Club Saint James used to be a real social club back in the '50s where important men would gather under one roof to smoke cigars while playing pool and where women weren't allowed in. Nowadays, this club has more of a "business purpose", says Andrée Vincent, director of the establishment. Among 670 members of the club, approximately 1/5 are women (we've come a long way!). Today, members of the club take advantage of their memberships by renting the facility's rooms for business brunches, meetings and conferences, rather than for socializing and smoking cigars like in the good ol' days.


Club 357c

357 Rue de la Commune O

The most prestigious private club in Montreal. How do you become a member? You don't. It's by invitation only. This is where you'll find Prince of Monaco when he visits Montreal. Guy Laliberté is also said to be a member of the facility. Over $50 million have been invested into renovation of this historic building. Yearly memberships fees are rumoured to be at $3,600. The amount sounds quite cheap affordable given the crowd that frequents Club 357c. You obviously can't access their website, because you're not part of the club...


Forest and Stream Club

1800 Chemin Bord du Lac

This west island's private social club has been around since 1884. Its members enjoy great service, delicious food, traditional setting, private wine cellar and invitations to exclusive events. Not to mention the location of the club... simply breathtaking.


Mount Bruno Country Club

665 Rang des Vingt Cinq Ouest

Technically it's not in Montreal, it's in St-Bruno, but it totally belongs on this list. Mount Bruno Country Club is a very exclusive private golf club. Multiple corporate CEOs and our former Prime Minister are said to be among its members. You can't even access their website, or find any photos of the interior for that matter, unless you're a member of course, it's that private.


Mount Royal Club

1175 Rue Sherbrooke O

The Mount Royal Club has been around since 1899. It's one of the oldest social clubs in Montreal. Membership at this establishment is by invitation only and needs to be supported and approved by one or more existing members of the club. Mount Royal Club is very secretive about its members and what takes place within its walls... which makes us, regular human beings, even more fascinated with it.


University Club Of Montreal

2047 Rue Mansfield

University Club has been around for over 100 years. This is where comedian/economist Stephen Leacock and his friend, John McCrae doctor/poet would gather their McGill colleagues a hundred years ago. Today, you don't have to be part of a University to join the club. At 750 members, University Club Of Montreal is claimed to be the most active social club in the city. Its members like to gather and discuss political, economical and social issues in a pleasant environment.


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