You know when you're trying to decide where to eat with your girlfriend and she pulls one of those, "I don't care, where do you want to eat?" And then you tell her what you want and she goes, "No." That's when shit gets real and an argument is about to start. But hey! Before you begin screaming at each other, take a look at a list of restaurants I've put together below. I guarantee you, your girl will love at least one of the options. There are also very good chances she'll love ALL of the restos below. You're welcome.

1. L'Orignal

479 Rue Saint Alexis

A great Old Montreal eatery featuring Québec farm products, rustic presentation and funky restaurant atmosphere.


2. Grinder

1708 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Restaurant Grinder is famous for its tartares. If your girlfriend loves tartares, she will LOVE Grinder.


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3. Tri Express

1650 Avenue Laurier E

This restaurant will satisfy any sushi lover out there. Always fresh, delicious and oh, so pretty to look at.


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4. Magpie

16 Rue Maguire

Refined, wood-fired Napolitan pizzas in a cozy and inviting environment. Anyone who doesn't like pizza from Magpie is not to be trusted...


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5. Mandy's

Multiple locations

Mandy's is a salad heaven. It's a common misconception to assume that salads are tasteless and should be referred to as "rabbit food." Have a Mandy's salad and discover a whole new world of flavour.


6. Sumac

3618 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

This restaurant serves the best falafels, kebabs and other Mediterranean delicacies. Their hummus is actually to die for.


7. Juliette et Chocolat

Multiple location

If your girl has a sweet tooth, she will appreciate you taking her to Juliette et Chocolat. It will hit the spot in all the right ways. Not to mention that eating sweets can actually make you sweet.


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8. Kazu

1862 Rue Ste-Catherine O

This Japanese bistro is always packed for a reason - the taste is consistently mind blowing. Your girl will love you forever if you bring her to Kazu. It will become her favourite spot if it isn't already.


9. Deville Dinerbar

1425 Rue Stanley

It's a high end diner with a unique funky atmosphere and a great menu. It's also conveniently located Downtown, so you can easily grab a bite there after shopping therapy sessions.


10. Le Garde-Manger

408 Rue Saint-François-Xavier

Le Garde-Manger is a popular restaurant run by a celebrity chef, Chuck Hughes. It's known for its unconventional approach to seafood, such as a "lobster poutine" menu item for example. Delicious!


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