Friends, who here is having a hard time deciding on date ideas? If your hand isn't raised, then you get a huge round of applause; coming up with things to do/places to go with your date can get super tough.

But if you're one of the countless Montrealers who are having a pretty difficult time deciding on where to go to impress that special someone, then good news. If you and your lover are fans of sushi, then this Montreal sushi spot has pretty much solved all of your problems.

Maiko Sushi (387 Rue Bernard O3339 Boulevard des Sources) is serving up cuts of sashimi in the shape of roses. Meaning that not only will you be eating something pretty much amazing; but it'll look so gorgeous that it's bound to impress both you and your date. Confused as to how sashimi roses look? Well, take a gander below - and don't forget to check out their Facebook page.

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