Montreal, I've got something to confess. I've really been enjoying the last little while that I've spent with you. I like the romantic moments we've spent together at your numerous restaurants, especially since it's really easy to find good, cheap food when I'm with you. I like the nights we've spent strolling down the streets, exploring new bars and checking out art exhibits.

I know that we've had a few rough patches. It's partially my fault. The morning commute on transit that is routinely late gets to me like nothing else, and sometimes I take that crankiness out on you. I'm not a morning person, and I know you aren't, either. Thankfully, you've been there when I needed a good cry.

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Your mood changes like the weather, and the weather changes often. You're hot, then you're cold, and these drastic changes in temperature make it really difficult for me to handle you. I just never know how to dress when I'm with you. Especially in the spring... 

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Despite this, you're one of the coolest cities I have ever met. You deal with the aforementioned weather extremes with grace and humour. You love to party, and going out with you is always a blast, from awesome music shows in DIY venues to clubs and festivals.

Speaking of festivals, yours really blow everyone else's out of the park (out of Parc Jean-Drapeau, if we want to get specific). Other cities only organise fun things in the summer, but with you I have a great time rain or shine, summer or winter

I love the easy rhythm of your seasons, from summer to fall to winter to spring and back to summer again. I think that the hard times we've experienced this winter only make me enjoy the sun more when it comes back.

Out of all the cities I've ever met, you're the one who knows how to relax the best. To get me through the cold winter, I think of those days we spent in the park, sipping beers and drinking in the warm afternoon sun. 

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Anyways. I'm getting ahead of myself. I've gotten stuck in construction, so I know that you're still "working on yourself," or whatever.

I don't want to come off as too eager, or anything like that. I just wanted to say that I think I'm ready to take things to the next level. Like, not just Netflix and chill.

Montreal... will you be my Valentine?


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