Montreal truly has great eatery options for all food preferences, including tons of tasty vegan options. Those who lead a vegan lifestyle eliminate all animal byproducts from their diets, and luckily for them, our city has got them covered. From dairy-free classics to vegan BBQ flavours, the seven Montreal vegan restaurants on this list will even impress carnivores' taste buds.

When it comes to selections for where to eat for vegans, Montreal has some amazing options in comparison to most cities.

All the unique dishes to pick from and tasty flavours to try make it impossible to pick a favourite. 

There are so many delivery spots to choose from in Montreal including cookie bakeries, greek eateries, and high-end restaurants. And, I'm a firm believer that there's no reason why you shouldn't treat yourself to each of them.

Vegans are blessed to live in a city that's so full of great restaurants that deliver, so they can indulge in different dishes while they're hanging out at home.

And, if you're not vegan and have never tried this type of food, all the more reason to order it.

It never hurts to try something new.



Maynard has some of the most unique vegan dishes and is one of those places that even non-vegans are sure to love.

Known for its flavour-filled vegan BBQ, this is a must-try for anyone looking for phenomenal eats.


La Panthère Verte

As one of the most popular vegan eateries in the city, Le Panthere Vert is known for its fresh and healthy meals.

This restaurant prides itself on its clean and environmentally friendly manner of creating dishes. And, best of all, the food tastes really great. 


Rejuice Nutrition

The juices made at Rejuice nutrition are some of the best and healthiest drinks your tastebuds will ever sip on.

The array of flavours it offers is sure to keep you coming back for more. And, the fact that this restaurants will deliver right to your front door is a bonus!



Sham serves up some tasty vegan and vegetarian options, all of which are better than the next. 

Its incredible dishes will leave you wanting more time and time again. 



Coop Le Cagibi

This bistro-inspired restaurant cooks up some awesome non-meat dishes.

My personal go-to is the vegan chili with chips — it's truly a treat for your taste-buds. 


Copper Branch

Even if I'm not vegan, I'm a big fan of everything made in the Copper Branch kitchen. From the Bombay soup to the general Copper Bowls, I have become a die-hard fan of its food. 

The dishes are both tasty and healthy. And the fact that delivery is an option makes my life a lot easier! 


Aux Vivres

As the first vegan eatery, I pigged out at in Montreal, Aux Vivres is what turned me into a lover of vegan dishes. 

From the dragon bowl to the chilli and BLT sandwich, there are so many mouth-watering dishes to pick from at this go-to restaurant. 


Enjoy your vegan meal!

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