In times like this, there's nothing that soothes our soul more than digging into some warm comfort food. There are so many types of comfort food, but if you ask me, nothing quite compares to the slurpy goodness of Pho. And, without being able to go out on a date with your favourite person right now, it's nice to know that some Montreal Pho restaurants deliver, which means you can have a virtual dinner date instead.

From amazing Italian eateries and authentic greek restaurants, Montreal is doing a great job at offering locals a ton of delivery options from our favourite restaurants.

Cooking three meals a day is both hard and gruelling. No matter what situation we're in, no one wants to eat the same dishes over and over again. 

Just because we can't be within two metres from one another, doesn't mean that romance can't be alive and well. And, with these epic Pho options that we've provided you with, you can have that virtual date that will be remembered for years to come.

All you have to do is order and get your FaceTime date on the line!

I Am Pho

Order now!

Restaurant Pho 911

Here's the delivery link!

Pho Mymy

Get it here!

Pho Rachel

See the menu!

Banh Mi 79

Check it out!

Pho Bac Inc

Order from OpenTable!

Pho Duy-Anh

Order it from UberEats!

Restaurant Lyla

Order here!


Pho Maisonneuve

Order from DoorDash!

Wishing you and whoever you share your Pho FaceTime date with a bon appétit!

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