Netflix and chill season is on its way. The thought of cozying up at home, in your favourite sweater, with someone special just warms you right up. Besides looking for something good to watch, the next phase of having an epic movie night is finding that perfect snack to nosh on. And, we've discovered a new Montreal popcorn company that does exactly that.

Pufflepops is a local business that makes gourmet popcorn balls, which aren't only tasty but are pretty fabulous to look at also.

Each flavour has its own style and each of them looks as tasty as the next.

So many local companies make incredible sweet treats, from cookies and cookie dough batter to cinnamon buns and macaroons.

But, there aren't many companies that have taken popcorn and combined it with cake pops to make such a delicious treat.

The freshly popped kernels come in all types of flavours including apple caramel crumble, s'mores, turtles, caramel chocolate, cookies and cream, birthday cake, and more.

Each of these flavour-filled popcorn balls is as aesthetically pleasing as they are appetizing.

Not only are these sweet treats a great addition to any movie night, but they also make for great gifts, party favours, or even for those lonely nights spent alone watching reality television in bed.

No judgment here!

The prices of this tasty treat vary depending on how many you want. 

Six pops will cost you $18, 12 will cost you $32, and 24 magical pops will run you $64 big ones. 

If you order 12, you will be able to pick two different flavours and 24 you have the option of picking three flavours.

It's all about mixing and matching.

All boxes are made to order and are sure to impress anyone who bites into them.

To order, just send the company a dm on Instagram!


Price: Current prices are "promotional launching prices until further notice."

Why You Need To Try: To take any movie night to the next level. 

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