McDonald's is a guilty pleasure for so many of us. We all have our go-to orders when it comes to savoury goodness, from McNuggets to McChicken or even a classic cheeseburger. This restaurant chain has been there for us through the good times and the bad, the drunk nights and the hungover mornings. And, for anyone with a sweet tooth, I'm here to let you know that all Quebec McDonald's now serve mini donuts.

These new donuts just hit the locations as of Monday, June 29.

That's right, we can confirm that you can now satisfy both your salty and sweet cravings at McDo's in Montreal and all across Quebec.

McCafé's lil donuts come in five awesome flavours including apple fritter, which is made with real apples and a layer of cinnamon that creates a harvest flavour with every bite you take.

Along with the strawberry jelly that's dusted with powdered sugar and "bursts with a pop of strawberry flavoured filling," according to its website.

Then there's the sprinkle donut which is said to "feed your inner child with this playfully chewy donut, glazed in sweet pink vanilla flavoured icing and rainbow sprinkles."

Then there's also a Boston cream donut that's filled with Bavarian cream and topped with both chocolate icing and drizzle.

Last but not least, there's a decadent maple caramel donut filled with caramel cream and topped with vanilla icing, that'll instantly make your mouth water.

These perfectly sized sweet treats are available all day and will cost you just $0.99 for one, $1.79 for two, $4.99 for six, and an impressive $9.49 for 12.

Deals that seem hard to say no to once that sugar craving hits...

Not only is this a great treat to add to your McChicken combo, but it's also a cost-friendly treat to buy as a dessert for your next BBQ.

Who doesn't love a nice, sweet treat?

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