• The Farsides is a new 90s Brooklyn-themed Thai-Hawaiian fusion restaurant in Old Montreal.
  • We got a first look and taste at the impressive new space.
  • See the photos and get all the details below!

Old Montreal has an all-new "Thaiwaiian" themed restaurant on Notre-Dame and I had the chance to go get a sneak peek of the huge new space last night. My head is currently pounding thanks to the delicious cocktails, but I'm going to say it was worth it. The Farsides is another resto-bar experience brought to Montreal by restaurateur John Gumbley and Jegantic, the same crew that brought Bord'Elle to life.

The Farsides combines Thai and Hawaiian cuisine in a unique space that calls on 90s nostalgia and urban art to provide a style all its own.

And, yes, there are actually basketball nets.

Two, in fact, along with several murals of street art, huge chandeliers, an expansive bar and washrooms inspired by Louis Vuitton and Gucci.

They've not held back in any aspect, including what's coming out of the bright, open kitchen.

The whole bar provides endless photo opportunities along with endless knick-knack finding.

If you grew up loving hip hop from the 90s, you will find yourself faced with tons of memorabilia that may just make you feel like a kid in a candy store. 

And, as I mentioned above, they do actually have two basketball nets with a Farsides logo on the backboard and shiny gold net.

The bar itself is more than just wood, it's an expansive shadowbox of 90s nostalgia, from chains to CDs, flip phones to action figures.

The cocktails also come served in some super whimsical glassware, which I honestly need to find for next summer.

The back section is the main dining area. Of course, there is another massive mural on the wall and plants cascade down from the ceiling.

The attention to detail throughout the space is pretty impressive, and I couldn't help but think about whoever was in charge of some of these huge collages.

Whoever you are, kudos to you.

No space is wasted when it comes to showing off the vestiges of hip hop's past.

Honestly, there's no question in my mind that this would make a great spot for a first date because if you get bored you can just play I Spy for an hour.

I really wish I had gotten the chance to try more of the food (not only because I'd likely have less of a headache) but what samples I did get to taste were pretty friggin fantastic.

The shrimp was some of the best I'd had probably since I lived in Thailand, and their take on the Papaya salad was really unique and pretty delightful.

I have no doubt that The Farsides is going to quickly become a staple in the nightlife scene in Old Montreal. The space is enormous but still inviting and the cocktails are super delicious.

And I can't wait to go back and feast on their full menu.

What: The Farsides Thaiwaiian cuisine & Tiki bar

Where: 690 rue Notre Dame Ouest

When: Grand opening on December 13, 2019

To get all the details and to make reservations, head to the website here.

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