Montrealers definitely love to drink. But Montrealers also like to take their drinks to the next level. Like Art Kombucha, which combines the ultimate two things locals love: kombucha and beer.

The company looks at taking the best of kombucha's "festive potential." When most companies make the fermented drink, they try to limit the amount of alcohol in the process. Art Komucha said, "Why not [not do that]?"

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"Since then, we've created a recipe that balances well-being with festivities," the company says.

With 5% alcohol, it's the perfect choice if you're looking for a drink that's light and refreshing, yet gives you a buzz... or should I say a fizz. 

You can try one of three delicious flavours: Hibiscus & Passion, Ginger and Spicy Pear.

And the best part is, the sugars are converted into alcohol during the fermentation process and the drink is flavoured with natural teas and spices.

Plus, it's gluten-free!

You can find Art Kombucha all over Quebec and here in Montreal, including:

  • Dépanneur Roger (3568, rue de Rouen)
  • IGA Atwater (1500, ave. Atwater)
  • Provigo Le Marché (375, rue Jean-Talon O.)
  • Fruiterie du Plateau (515, rue Roy E.)
  • Métro Laurier (1293, ave. Laurier E.)
  • Boutique Hellvis Candyshop (3409, rue Ontario E.)
  • Dépanneur AS (5191, boul. St-Laurent)
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