In 1985, Coca-Cola released "New Coke," which was universally panned by critics and cola connoisseurs, alike. Soon after, Coca-Cola discontinued the product and brought back the classic flavour.

It's always risky to change up the formula of a beloved product, but McDonald's is hoping their new "revamped" Big Mac will be loved by all! 

This week, in conjunction with the release of the "new Big Mac," McDonald's is offering everyone's favourite double-stacked burger for only $3! Kinda takes the sting off being nervous about the "new Big Mac," eh? 

McDonald's new spin on a classic recipe shouldn't make too many people nervous, though, because it doesn't seem like they're making huge, sweeping changes. Instead, McDonald's is simply tinkering with a tried-and-true formula to improve flavour and product quality. 

Customers can experience the new twist on the Big Mac for only $3 from August 13th – August 19th. For one week only, head down to your local McDonald's and see what all the hype is about. 

The "new" Big Mac isn't changing all that much. Your favourite hamburger will still be that magical double-stacked and saucy delight, with a few improvements (hopefully!). 

Most of the adjustments involve changes in the preparation process — what goes on behind the scenes. McDonald's hopes the tweaks will lead to more delicious burgers in the long run, according to a press release. 

Along with the Big Mac, McDonald's is also tweaking the prep process of their classic quarter-pounder with cheese. According to Nicola Pitman, McDonald’s Director of Menu Innovation and Management, the changes won't be too noticeable for customers.

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The "new" Big Mac and QP with cheese will change like so: 

  • Patties will be cooked in smaller batches. 

McDonald's hopes that by reducing the number of patties on the grill, that they'll improve the flavour and quality of their burgers. 

  • Produce trays will be reduced.

This simply means that things like lettuce and tomatoes will be kept longer in the fridge. Currently, all produce trays are on the prep table. 

  • Onions added directly on the patties on the grill. 

To intensify their flavour, of course! This will add a caramelized flavour to the burgers. 

  • More Big Mac sauce!

Ok, I'm sold on this improvement already. Where's my Big Mac? 

  • New buns! 

The top bun will be smaller and the bottom bun will be larger so the burger can better retain heat during that Uber Eats delivery. The new buns will also be glazed to improve flavour.

What are you waiting for? Head down to your nearest McDonald's to get your $3 Big Mac today!

$3 Big Macs At McDonald's

What: Big Macs at a reduced price all week to celebrate the arrival of their new formula! 

Where: You local McDonald's location.

When: August 13th to August 19th.


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