• I went to Montreal's newly re-opened Bar MajesThé where I got to try some of the amazing, bubble tea-inspired cocktails. 
  • What I didn't expect was falling in love with the authentic Taiwanese street food they are serving up at this cozy and sleek speakeasy.
  • Check out this sneak peek full of pics below!

Last week we told you about one of Montreal's newly re-opened bars, Bar MajesThé. Located right by McGill metro, this Bubble Tea cocktail bar doubles as a speakeasy, of sorts, and is serving up some amazing, authentic Taiwanese street food. I decided I had to go and discover the cozy underground space myself, so I could sample the snacks and sip some of the unique, Bubble Tea inspired cocktails that do more than just throw a shot of liquor into a bubble tea and call it a day.

No, the cocktails at Bar MajesThé are crafted to be loved by bubble tea lovers as well as those of us who are new to the tapioca train.

I've never been a huge bubble tea fan but reading the descriptions for The Princess Beach and the X, I knew I had to go give it a try. 

And I wasn't going to leave y'all out! I brought my camera along so I could snap some pics and attempt to share the experience with you... A sneak peek, if you will. 

Located below MajesThé Bistro at 2077 boulevard Robert-Bourassa, Bar MajesThé is a cool, sleek but cozy, and inviting underground speakeasy-style space. 

Find them by their iconic crown logo sign, seen on the menu below, alongside the Crown Jewel cocktail, Bar MajesThé's take on an Old Fashioned using Crown Royal, Amer Angostura bitters, homemade winter melon syrup and finished with a zest of orange.

The bar is serving up beer and cocktails and there are plenty of cozy nooks to sip your drinks and share some bites with a date or a group of friends.

Bonus points for universal washrooms.

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As mentioned above, the bubble tea-inspired cocktails are more than just a bubble tea recipe with a shot of vodka thrown in.

Each cocktail is carefully crafted based on inspiration from classic bubble tea ingredients, like winter melon or matcha. 

Above, from left to right, is the Throne of Roses, the Apple Carriage, and the Princess Peach. I think The Princess Peach was my favourite cocktail, followed by the Lavendary (seen at the bottom of this article in the Champagne flute).

The Prince Peach is made with rum, peach liqueur, green tea lemonade homemade syrup and lychee gelly, which was so, so good.

I didn't get a chance to try the Apple Carriage, so, I guess I'll just have to go back to get it!

There are tons of great menu options that are perfect for sharing, like the Salt and Pepper Yakitori or Flamed Honey Mayo Chicken skewers, seen above on the right. 

On the left, the Grilled King Oyster Mushroom Skewers are perfect for any veggie lovers out there. 

Though, without a doubt, the stand-outs on the food side were the authentic Taiwanese street food dishes, inspired by owner, Vincent Ma's own favourites. 

Above is the Taiwanese Basil Fried Chicken which was sprinkled with fresh garlic and was absolutely delicious. The chicken was incredibly juicy and the seasoning was perfect.

Seen next is the Taiwanese Three-Cup Chicken, a classic recipe that is made with equal parts soy sauce, sesame oil and rice wine. One cup each... get it?

Also served with full pieces of garlic and healthy chunks of garlic, this savoury dish was absolutely addictive and I can't wait to go back for more.

In the martini glass is the Resistance is Feudal, which tastes essentially like coffee-infused chocolate milk served with pearls of tapioca. The Throne of Roses is the one topped with the cute little flower and is Bar MajesThé's bubble tea take on a margarita. It's made with tequila, Triple Sec, lime juice and homemade rose syrup.

The Bailey's Milk Cake was the perfect way to end the meal. Crowned with a fried Bao cookie and served with MajesThé's own liquid-nitrogen-made ice cream, it's sweet, doughy and creamy. I'm surprised I had any space.

Another one of the undeniable perks of Bar MajesThé is its location. It was absolutely freezing when I left last night, but lucky for me I was inside Metro McGill in what felt like no more than 20 steps. 

So even if you're not feeling ready to brave the cold this season, you can probably brave the short walk from Metro McGill to Bar MajesThé, where you can sip on some super unique cocktails, authentic Taiwanese street food and cozy up to your favourite person at this newly re-opened Montreal speakeasy.

I know I'll be back.

To find out more, head to Bar MajesThé's official Facebook page here.

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