Not sure what at-home Montreal Halloween fun is going to look like this year? 

Thanks to Crowd Bar & Flair, Montrealers can get spooky-themed booze boxes delivered right to their door this October.

It may only be children who get to celebrate Halloween in Quebec the way we're used to this year, but let's call this cocktail delivery the adult-version of trick or treating.

This unique delivery idea is sure to have you smiling as big as a jack-o-lantern.

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The Boo! box comes with everything that you need to make two devilishly delicious cocktails. All you have to do is order on the company's website and then supply the alcohol of your choice to mix with. 

You'll also be invited to an online demo with Crowd's mixologists to help you make the spookiest drink possible, so no need to be scared.

The Boo! box is perfect for two to four roommates (since they're the only people we're supposed to be with this Halloween) and it costs $35 plus tax. 

Let me be the first to tell you that a couple sips of your drink and you'll be feeling under its spell.

Witching everyone a Happy Halloween!

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