There is certainly no question that the poutine is the reigning dish supreme here in Montreal, if not Quebec at large. But that definitely doesn't stop us from inviting cuisines from around the world to spoil us with their delightful delicacies whenever possible.

Now, you might be tempted to say the word "delicacy" doesn't apply to fried chicken. To that I say: When the fried chicken is this good, it does.

Montreal's newest little hole-in-the-wall, Le Coq Frit, is tucked away in Chinatown just waiting to be discovered by the next hungry passerby.

And considering I was that very passerby yesterday, I can assure you, it is totally worth the stop and will not let you down.

They've managed to make themselves stand out quite well considering the small real estate they take up, mainly by making sure the Coq Frit yellow is visible from way down the road.

And as soon as you smell that fried chicken wafting out the door, you're hooked.

My boyfriend and I stopped in yesterday to give Le Coq Frit and try and see what this tiny shop with big flavour was all about.

The quick-serve counter is still in a soft-opening phase, so they've actually got a Soft Opening Special for $5 that will get you two pieces of chicken.

When we walked it, I can't deny I was a little worried and even pre-disappointed that they had the fried chicken sitting on warming racks. 

But let me stop myself right here and tell you: I clearly don't know shit about fried chicken, because I what I tasted after taking this picture was amazing.

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Instead of the Soft Opening Special, the chum and I decided to split a two-piece combo so that we could try out the fries as well.

I will say, I think the fries needed salt, but I could've fixed that myself by going back for a little pack of salt. Also... undersalted is ALWAYS better than oversalted, so I don't think that was a real downside.

My boyfriend tried the spicy thigh and I had a non-spicy drumstick cause, HI, I'm a wussy. He said the spice was perfect, not too much while still adding that kick you masochists love.

The chicken itself was SO juicy and the crispy batter was perfectly flavoured and crunchy.

We also got a side of the coleslaw which was the perfect amount (even for two of us to share) and it was perfectly tangy while still having a bit of sweetness.

They also offer up three seasonings that you can add onto your chicken before you head out the door.

None of that messy, saucy stuff. Just three simple dry seasonings: Garlic, Plum and Spicy.

It seems the plan is to eventually be open 24/7, but until then you'll have to head down anytime between 11 AM and 10PM from Tuesday through Sunday. 

Take a look at the menu, photographed below.

Le Coq Frit

What: Montreal's newest fried chicken counter.

Where: 52A, rue de la Gauchetière O, Chinatown

When: Soft opening hours are 11 AM - 10PM, will soon be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Find them on Instagram, Facebook or at their website here.

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