It's July 17th, the most important day of the year: National Hot Dog Day! Yes, I know, it seems like there's a day for everything these days... but who cares! Steamies in Montreal are undeniably a reason to celebrate.

And in accordance with this holiest of days, we took a look at some of Montreal's best hot dogs for whatever mood you're in.

Whether you're looking for the best deal or the place to hit after a few too many drinks, check out the list below

The Cheapest: Ikea 

WHERE: 9191 Cavendish Blvd

WHAT: In celebration of National Hot Dog Day, Ikea is offering all of their hot dogs for $0.50 for today only. There are meat and vegetarian options, too


The Most Couchon: Dirty Dogs

WHERE: 3685 St Laurent Blvd

WHAT: Try the Mac Attack Hot Dog; a nice marriage of mac and cheese and impending heart attack all shoved into a hot dog bun.  


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The 3 AM Munchies: Chez La Mere 

WHERE: 4028 Rue Masson

WHAT: This is where you stumble to after a night out. The steamies are old school classic...and more importantly, available at 3 AM. 


The Vegan: Gusta

WHERE: 191 Place du Marché-du-Nord

WHAT: There are a few restaurants that serve veggie options, but they never seem to live up to the all-vegan restaurant Gusta.  


The Most Montreal: Decarie Hot Dog 

WHERE: 953 Decarie Boulevard

WHAT: If you've been in Montreal for any length of time, you know Decarie Hot Dog. This family-run business has been open for 50 years and is a Montreal institution...of the porc variety.  


The Food Truck: Winneburger

WHERE: Locations around Montreal, check out their Facebook page for updates,

WHAT: Known for their hamburgers, this food truck run by Nouveau Palais, has an awesome selection of hot dogs. And while hot dog purists may not think it deserves the moniker, check out their shrimp dog if you can

The DIY: Lafleur

WHERE: Your local grocer or one of the Restaurant Lafleur locations

WHAT: Quebec's classic steamie since 1912. Yes, you can always just head to your local grocer and pick up a pack of classic Lafleur hot dogs to make yourself. Or head to one of the Restaurant Lafleur locations if that's too much work. You'll also find them at places like La Ronde and the Centre Bell and Parc Jean-Drapeau.

Have a favourite hot dog that's not on the list? Let us know! Tweet us @mtlbog or tag us in your Insta story @mtlblog.

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