Bubble tea fans unite! The ever-popular Taiwanese bubble tea shop, The Alley, is finally opening its first location in Quebec. And it's right downtown Montreal

To celebrate their much-anticipated grand opening they are giving away free bubble teas this weekend.

But if you absolutely can't wait a few more days, they are giving 10% off all drinks from now until Friday.

The Alley is the height of bubble tea, this isn't a mass-produced drink. The tapioca is handcrafted, everything from the mixing of ingredients to the actual formation of the pearls is lovingly prepped. Don't be confused with what they call deerioca - it's still tapioca but with a play on their deer logo

They also create their own sugar cane syrup in-house with only the highest quality, all-natural sugar cranes. This is what gives their drinks that distinctive and delicate flavour customers have grown to love.  

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This opening is the perfect timing for summer as they just released their popular summer Lulu series based off of fresh fruit like strawberry or orange (the latter is a personal favourite, it's mixed with a white peach oolong base).  

If you're more of a sweet rather than a citrus fan, check out their Deerioca Fever Puff which comes with a layer of custard pudding

There have been known to be huge lineups at other Alley Canadian openings, so make sure to get there early. They will start handing out free bubble tea at 3 PM, but only to the first 100 customers

After that they will offer 15% off select drinks

With the suffocating heat in Montreal this weekend, this is a good way to stay cool

WHAT: Free bubble tea at The Alley 

WHEN: July 20 & July 21 from 3 PM

WHERE: 1256 Rue Guy

COST: Free if you get there in time! 15% off after the first 100 visitors.


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