Last week, we listed the best cheap food students can find near McGill and Concordia. Though, you must've thought we'd forgotten about Montreal's English-language CEGEPS, right? Montreal is a student town so how could we possibly forget about you, CEGEP students? 

First off, we'll begin our cheap food tour of Montreal's English-language CEGEPS with the biggest one in the city and the biggest one in Quebec - Dawson College! 

With roughly 8,000 students of all ages on a downtown campus, Dawson is a bustling place and finding a good cheap spot to eat is more difficult than you'd imagine. With hundreds of restaurants in only a few blocks from campus, you're gonna need all the help you can get. 

Without further ado, here are the best 10 spots to find cheap food near Dawson College!

Bagels on Greene 

What: A classic Montreal bagel shop, Bagels on Greene is guaranteed to fill you up during that study break! 

Where: 4160 rue Sainte-Catherine O. 

Check them out here!

Plaza Alexis Nihon

What: From Tim Horton's to Dagwood's subs and everything in between, the mall is the perfect place to grab a cheap bite. As an added bonus, you can get there without having to go outside in the winter!

Where: 1500 ave Atwater

Check them out here!

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Forum Sports Bar

What: What was formerly the home of the Montreal Canadiens is now home to a cinema, comedy club, and a huge sports bar with good cheap food, pitchers, bowling, and billiards. 18+, obviously. 

Where: 2313 rue Sainte-Catherine O. 

Check them out here!

La Maison Bulgogi 

What: A no-frills Korean restaurant with delicious bulgogi bowls and a pork bone soup that's to die for. 

Where: 2127 rue Sainte-Catherine O. 

Check them out here!

Don Taco 

What: There's nothing better than a heaping plate of cheap tacos and burritos the size of a small dog, right? 

Where: 1853 rue Sainte-Catherine O. 

Check them out here!

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Chez Nick 

What: Since 1920, Chez Nick has been serving up some of the finest delicatessens this side of the Main. Come for the food, stay for the vibes. 

Where: 1377 ave Greene

Check them out here!

Hot Pot Panda

What: An all-you-can-eat hot pot buffet that's equal parts delicious and super fun. Bring a bunch of friends and go wild! 

Where: 2170 rue Sainte-Catherine O. 

Check them out here!


What: It's not every day you find authentic Greek food at such an amazing price point. Grab half a chicken for only $10.95!

Where: 4024B rue Sainte-Catherine O.

Check them out here!


What: Buba's is a new falafel and halal restaurant that's quickly becoming a student favourite thanks to how amazing their wraps are. Go see what all the hype is about! 

Where: 1860 rue Sainte-Catherine O. 

Check them out here!

Marché Adonis 

What: You might have to pick a number and wait for a few minutes, but it's totally worth it at Adonis. Their ready-made food section is absolutely stunning. You can even grab some bread and cheese if you're feeling Parisian. 

Where: 2173 rue Sainte-Catherine O. 

Check them out here!

Now all you Dawson students are prepped and ready to grab some brain food between classes.

But don't be late!

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