Sometimes the night doesn't call for a pint of beer or a glass of wine, it calls for shots. Straightforward, straight to your head, shots of pure alcohol. 

But for such a small amount of liquid, the price can add a lot to your bill at the end of the night. So if you're in the mood to save some money and still have an alcohol-filled night out on the town, we did a little digging to find some of the cheapest places in Montreal to order shooters. 

There are always the old Montreal standbys of dive or student bars (often one and the same), but there are a few I purposely left off the list. Yeah, I'm looking at you, Peel Pub. The shots may only cost a $1 but they still aren't worth it. If you're a student in Montreal for the first time, you will end up at this bar on at least one occasion - it's nearly a right of passage. But planning to go there is a whole other story.  

These 6 bars we found all serve shots for $3 and under. And let me tell you from experience, it can be a dangerous road to go down when $1 shots start to be ordered during the night. 

You have been warned.

Petite Grenouille Montreal

Where: 3435 Blvd. St-Laurent 

Cost: $1 per specialty shot, and $25 for a platter of 25 shots 

Every night they have a special where you can order a tray of shots. Because what everyone needs on their night out is more shots than you can count on your fingers and toes. 


Bar Bifteck St-Laurent 

Where: 3702 St Laurent

Cost: Shots can start at under $2 with the purchase of a beer. 

Bar Bifteck is a Montreal staple as far as dive bars go; but this review may explain it the best, "Cheap enough, not obscenely cheap; free popcorn saltier than Satan's nads; bartenders who are just-friendly-enough" (Yelp)


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Mad Hatters

Where: 1240 Crescent

Cost: 5 southern lemonade shots for $10 

I wanted to keep it off the list. I really did. But if you're a broke student who wants to drink, you will do time here.

Psst. On Wednesdays, they also have 4 shots of Jack Daniels for $12. 


Bar La Shop 

Where: 4177 Rue St Denis

Cost: $2 - $3 per shot

If you like your music loud and your drinks cheap, La Shop is the place to go. Not that you'll notice after consuming all your shooters.

Turbo Haüs

Where: 2040 Rue Saint-Denis

Cost: During their 5 a 7, you can get a pint of beer and a shot for $8.

Happy hour is the time to hit up this bar. You'll get some amazing deals along with the chance to catch some live bands. 


I could say, 'drink responsibly!' But I just gave you bars that serve trays of 25 shots at a time. So... stay safe and have fun. 

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