Summertime in Montreal brings with it all sorts of scrumptious snacks. Competition witin the city's dense restaurant scene yields some pretty amazing results. From desserts dripping in chocolate to Krispy Kreme donut burger poutine, Montreal is full of novelty food items. 

A summer invention by favourite ice cream parlor La Diperie is sure to attract interest among Montrealers with a sweet tooth. The cotton candy ice cream burritors, according to an Instagram post, consist of hard ice cream wrapped in the fluffy summertime confection.

We spoke to a representative from La Diperie who confirmed that the cotton candy ice cream burritos are available at all La Diperie locations in Montreal! Though it is not currently on the online menu, La Diperie shared the burrito in a recent Instagram post.

This treat takes sweetness to the max. This is not for anyone who is adverse to sugary snacks. 

Of course, this isn't the first creative invention from the minds of La Diperie. The chain also serves cones dipped in cereal, decadent ice cream sanwiches, and ice cream covered waffles on a stick.

This year, La Diperie has also introduced chocolate dipped cheesecake on a stick, which is available in any of La Diperie's 30 different pure chocolate dips. The cheesecake used comes from The Cheesecake Factory, the popular chain that has, unfortunately, yet to open in Quebec.

There are 21 La Diperie locations across Montreal Island, Laval, and the South Shore. To get your hands on a cotton candy ice cream burrito as soon as possible, find the location nearest you on the La Diperie website here.

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Stay tuned for more news about summer eats in Montreal!

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