I know I am not the only Montreal local who is constantly looking for new and cool things to in our city.

This summer, I became completely addicted to bubble tea and if you have yet to try this decadent drink of deliciousness then you really need to get on that, as soon as possible, like this weekend perhaps!  

These delectable drinks have quickly become a favourite amongst Montrealers and I understand why — these drinks are really flipping good!  

This is why it makes me happy to announce that Sainte-Catherine is home to a new bubble tea spot, and they are literally giving away drinks.  

This weekend, on September 7 beginning at 3 p.m., Presotea's newest franchise is giving out its first 100 drinks for free.  

The free drinks are limited to Toffee Burlee Milk Tea or Hojicha Milk Tea with Crass Jelly in R sizes. There is also a limit of one free drink per customer.

There is an important catch, however. To claim a free drink you must share a "post on WeChat, Facebook or Twitter AND get 15 likes."*

Other drinks will be up to 50% off for the whole weekend!

Bubble tea is one of those drinks that will hook you after just one sip. Its comes from Taiwan and has spread throughout the world.

Bubble tea is a cold and frothy beverage made with iced tea, sweetened milk and other flavourings. In addition, there are these cute little black edible pearls that are often made of chewy tapioca, which are personally my favourite thing about it. 

They have opened three locations on the island in the past year and their quick success is due to their quality, consistency and all around great taste.

There is something about this beverage that instantly thrills your taste buds in a way that no other drink does, plus the magic pearls, as I like to call them, are truly a treat for your senses.        

If you have been wondering what this drink tastes like, this is a great opportunity to try one out, for free!      

Free Bubble Tea for the First 100 Customers at the new Presotea

What: Free Toffee Burlee Milk Tea or Hojicha Milk Tea with Crass Jelly in R sizes when you share a "post on WeChat, Facebook or Twitter AND get 15 likes."

Where: 1639 St-Catherine Street West location

When: September 7, 2019, 3 p.m.


*This article has been updated.

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