Montreal Pride is almost here! And with it come over 2 million tourists to our city searching for community, fun, and of course food!

With that in mind, one of our favorite churro restaurants, Les Papi Churros, is releasing four brand new flavours and four brand new colours to their already impressive menu in honour of Montreal Pride

The four colours, taken from the colours of the Pride Flag (though purple and orange are missing) are brightly coloured, delicious, mouth-watering cinnamony works of dessert art. 

If you've never had a churro ice cream before, you are in for a treat. They are a cinnamon covered pastry with a crisp outer shell, shaped into a cone and topped with soft-serve ice cream. Oh hell yeah.

So how do choose from red, green, blue or yellow? Let's break it down for you. First there is the Pink Panther which is made up of strawberry choco crumble, macaron, and strawberry coulis.

Then comes Cheery Cherry made of chocolate chips, chocolate coulis and decorated with a cherry on top.

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Named after our favourite life-sucking game, the Candy Crush is covered in sprinkles and made with a rainbow belt, and raspberry coulis.

Le Village might be the most festive one on the list with dulce de lece and fruity pebbles. While we hate to pick favorites, Le Village might be the winner for us. 

These churro cones are only available for a limited time! They make their grand debut tomorrow August 8 and run through to August 20. So try them while you can! 

Les Papi Churrros New Montreal Pride Ice Cream Churro Cones

WHEN: August 8 – 20

WHERE: 1201 Rue Ste-Catherine E.

COST: $10


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