This is it Montreal, a few more weeks of summer bliss before autumn comes in and sweeps us away. It's been a pretty good summer, full of incredible events, must-see festivals and tons of fun in the city. But seriously, who else is ready for the last event of the summer that'll end things perfectly? 

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Well, this event may just have you begging for another month (or two) of summer. You may know about the Montreal spa Bota Bota and their unbelieveable view of the city from their floating pool on the St. Lawrence. And you probably already think this is one of the coolest experiences in the city, but it doesn't stop there.

This month the spa will be hosting an incredible "cine-spa" experience! Complete with an inflatable giant movie-screen that floats across the water.

World renowned films from the Cannes Film Festival will be screened at the Bota Bota Gardens starting at dusk. Movie-goers and spa-lovers alike will be able to join at the event to take advantage of the relaxtion the spa offers as well as the classic film vibes all millenials crave! This is the best event you can imagine to finish off the summer.

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Those who attend the event have the option of relaxing on sun-loungers, bean bags and of course, watching the movie from the spa's secret pool!

The movie night takes place this August 31 from 8:30PM to 10PM. So it's literally the last day before our summer holidays are over. You won't want to miss this last-chance opportunity to celebrate Montreal's summer 2018!

For more information you can check out Bota Bota's website HERE. 

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