It's not every day that you think about munching on a pretzel as a snack. We usually don't consider warm salty pretzels as snacks in Montreal because well we don't really have many places that sell delightful pretzels! Well, your pretzel dreams have come true my Montreal friends!

Montreal is actually home to a secret Pretzel shop that you probably didn't even know existed! It has actually existed since 2011 and they are best known for their amazing German style pretzels! However, they have recently begun going outside the box. When you think of a pretzel, you think of fried dough covered in salt or cinnamon but the family team of Andreas and Bronwyn have taken you classic picture of a pretzel to the extreme!

The shop is called Bretzel Et Compagnie and is located on Jarry in Saint Leonard. They specialize in your not so typical pretzels as well as bagels! This duo also happens to be the master mind behind the chic and successful Dolce Vita Bakery in East End Montreal.

Now, to make your mouth water, here is a list of their most extravagant pretzels!

1. Peanut Butter Chunks From Heaven

2. S'mores Of Goodness

3. Pizza Pretzel, yes you read correctly...PIZZA!

4. Bacon And Cheese Baby Pretzels

5. Baby Bagel Pretzels

6. Pretzel Cones Stuffed With Fresh Lobster

7. Baby Pretzel Sandwiches

8. Avocado Pretzels

9. Rainbow Pretzel Sticks

10. A Many More Sweet And Salty Treats!

Hours of operation:

Monday – Friday :  7am to 6pm

Saturday : 7am – 5pm

Sunday : Closed

How They Do It

 Additional Information

5670 Jarry Est




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