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Eat poutine to eat more poutine. Normally, that doesn't really work out, as you're left in a pretty legit food coma after your first (or first couple) poutines, but La Banquise is shaking things up with their 25k fan contest.

La Banquise, as the name of the contest suggests, just hit 25, 000 fans on Facebook, and to celebrate their holding a contest designed for poutine lovers. The concept is simple: make what you think is the greatest poutine ever, post a pic on Instagram or Twitter, and you can win a $50 gift certificate to La Banquise, to eat even more poutine.

The city-wide poutine showdown is in search of La Banquise's newest flavour of the month, and truly, the sky is the limit on what you wanna throw on/in your poutine. Make your poutine light, make it heavy, hell, deep-fry the whole thing, just make sure to #LaBanquise so you're in the running.

All of the contest entries are being put up on the La Banquise website, and you can check them out here. The contest runs until October 31st, and three people will winning the $50 poutine cards, so get on it people. Note: if anyone makes a pumpkin spice poutine, you will be reprimanded because the beauty of poutine should not be sullied by seasonal crazes inspired by biddy love for Starbucks.

Get all the details on La Banquise's 25K Contest by heading to the Facebook page and official website here.

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