Montreal residents know how to party. The array of "high" and "low brow" events that take place in the city cater to an audience diverse in its interests. Avant-garde artists and luxe connoisseurs, alike, can find something to pique their interests.

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Perhaps one of the most highly anticipated public events is the dîner en blanc, the massive "chic picnic" with a dress code that mandates entirely white clothing.

The event encapsulates the best of Montreal (ok, Paris has a dîner en blanc, too, but really, it's made for Montreal!). Classy and mesmerizing with a party atmosphere, the evening in white brings thousands together. It's the perfect opportunity for a fancy night out with friends or to meet some new people.

The sea of white clothing is also pretty spectacular.

Via Dîner en blanc

This year is also the tenth anniversary of the picnic in white, so expect a bigger crowd than ever before.

The best party of the picnic: its location is completely secret until the very last moment. According to the event website, participants have to stay tuned for updates on the day of the dinner. Suddenly, those who registered will receive a message detailing the venue and flock to the space to set up.

All we know for sure is that the picnic will take place August 16th somewhere in Montreal.

Check out the event website and sign up for the dinner here!




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