As the holidays approach, Montreal is getting prepared to host some of the best festivals and events of the year. While some have already been revealed, there are still a few special surprises yet to be announced.

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TL;DR Montreal's Old Port will host a fireworks festival at the holiday skating rink every Saturday night at 8PM from December 15 to January 5. Watching the fireworks is free, while rates do apply to skate.

The Old Port is known for its exciting skating rink during the winter months, but when you add in a festival to go with it, you get an event that no one is going to want to miss out on this holiday season.

Via Old Port of Montreal

And what kind of festival attraction would fit perfectly against the magical scenery? Fireworks.

Yes, it's true. The Old Port will be hosting a fireworks festival for the holidays. The views of the light show while you skate are seriously unbelievable.

Natrel Fire On Ice takes place every Saturday night at 8PM from December 15 to January 5. Giant fireworks will light up the city sky while you skate and listen to music. It really does sound like a winter wonderland!

Via Old Port of Montreal

It gets even better, because the festival is absolutely free to attend! You only have to pay a fee if you choose to use the skating rink, but anyone can watch the fireworks light up the winter night sky. You won't want to miss this amazing event that only comes for a short period of time every year!

For more information on Natrel Fire On Ice, click HERE.

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