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Lobster is one of those rare treats you delight your taste buds with every now and then, because you probably can't afford to be eating lobster every day. Lobster is freaking delicious, and if you could eat the red crustacean everday, you probably would. If money ain't no thang (or you seriusly need more lobster in your life) one spot in Montreal can fulfill your lobster-wish, and give you the scrumptious seafood every single day.

MUVBOX, a pop up seafood restaurant in the Old Port, is all about lobster, and has been handing out lobster delicacies all summer long. Using Quebec-made products and the lobsters from the famed Îles-de-la-Madeleine, MUVBOX's lobster days are nearing their end, as the lobster roll shack is closing up shop on October 15th.

Don't stress out on fear of missing out on lobster (FOMOL?) as the 15th of October is still three weeks away, meaning you have plenty of time to indugle on some lobster delicacies. At MUVBOX you can munch out on a classic clam chowder, their famous lobster rolls, or even have a lobster pizza. If you're feeling meaty, they also do duck and porchetta sandwiches, go for the lobser, because, well, it's freakin' lobster.

The MUVBOX lobster shack is open 7 days a week 'til October 15th, located on McGill and la Commune West (map). Find out more at the official website here and Facebook here.

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