Photo Cred - Wesley & Brandon Rosenblum

Only one thing can ever inhibit the consumption of Romados, and that is getting up, hauling ass over there, and waiting in what will probably be a long line to get some crack chicken. Lazy Romados ravers rejoice at this bit of not-so-new-news: Romados delivers.

Through you can get your Romados fix delivered right to your door, during the store's regular opening hours. You have to order above $15.00 to be eligible for delivery, not that it'll be very difficult to do so, because more Romados is never a bad thing.

In terms of the delivery menu, all the favourites are mostly available. No sandwiches, but you can still get the four classic combos, any order of fries, salads, and most importantly, the ultimate flavour fusion that is the Romados Chicken Poutine.

Check out if Romados will deliver to your area, and see the full online-delivery menu at Romados' JustEat page.

Ready for home-delivered crack chicken?

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