Only a small blue sign with "Café" written in white letters tells us that we're at the right place when we go at Café Dei Campi. But their reputation is so great that they don't even need a large logo for their loyal costumers.

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I've known this little gem since last winter,  but now is time for me to share the joy. I honestly don't know any café that could even compare to Café Dei Campi and their sweet cornetto, apple tartelettes and donuts. Located in Rosemont, just across the Père-Marquette Park, it's the perfect spot to get a delicious almond latte, a few vegan pastries (donuts!) and enjoy the last warm days of fall in the park. Or you could stay in and watch a Napoli football game while enjoying a Lacrem affogato. Both are ideal to spend a perfect Sunday, in my opinion.

My absolute favorite thing about this place is that every week-end they have a special pastry, which tricks me into going there a lot too often, #oops. 

The quality of these pastries is such that you won't even miss the butter, eggs and milk that is traditionally in these delicious Italian treats. It's basically vegan sorcery at this point, and we are loving it.

Their pastries are simple, yet so well-balanced that it makes them heavenly good.

And for when you in the mood for a more savoury dish, Café Dei Campi also offers pizzette, which are little pizzas. The olive oil crust is simply sublime, soft and crispy at the same time.

And because it is an Italian café, needless to say that the espresso is to die for also. Their coffee is fresh and strong, like any good espresso should be. You can take your latte with cow, soy or almond milk (I suggest the almond milk).

To know what's their latest updates and week-end special pastry, you should follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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