Photo cred - BeaverTails

This makes me almost regret writing about the BeaverTail poutine yesterday because 2 BeaverTail stories in 2 days seems like a little much. But forget about all that crap because I'm writing anyways.

I mean I don't really have a choice, it would be very irresponsible of me not to spread awareness of this sweet and salty miracle.

Presenting the Nutella Bacon BeaverTail, it's probably the world's most perfect dessert. We say probably because all this is missing is maple. Oh wait, did I mention it has maple? That's right, this is a Maple Bacon Nutella BeaverTail. Screw you for even doubting its absolute awesomeness. In fact why are you still reading this, go get one right now. Seriously I'll just sit here an wait until you come back.

Hurry because they're only available until June 1st. So go buy yourself a large freezer and start stocking up now because once they're gone, they're gone!

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