Photo cred - dudefoods

The world of food is wonderful and full of possibilities and those possibilities are multiplying now that people aren't shying away from combining sweet savory into fantastic dessert creations. It started off slowly, first someone thought bacon would taste better with maple, and they were right. Then they took it further and coated bacon bacon strips with Nutella, and that's when all hell broke loose.

Bacon started getting added to everything! There was:

But now DudeFoods decided to revolutionize the ice cream sandwich with their Bacon Weave Ice Cream Sandwich.

Photo cred - dudefoods

I know what you're thinking, bacon and ice cream? But hey, if you can dip a Wendy's french fry is a chocolate frosty then surely ice cream and bacon can get along.

The process is simple: make 2 bacon weaves, throw them in the over and cut them out into circles the either eat the trimming or mix in bacon bits directly into the ice cream (we won't judge you) Then you can either cut a perfect slab of ice cream or if you're like me you'll just scoop it out and throw it on the bacon weave. Add your second bacon layer and you're good to go. (just don't plan on actually going anywhere for awhile)

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