I don't know if you have ever been to Mount-Tremblant during the fall but HOLY MOLLY, it is so damn beautiful! The mountains are filled with waves of oranges, reds, and yellows that will make your jaw drop. The Mont-Tremblant National Park is basically in our backyards! It's only about and hour and a half away from Down Town Montreal so you have no excuses not to go this fall!

Not only can you hike to the top of the mountain, but you can also enjoy a variety of activities! Mont-Tremblant National Park has six great rivers and 400 lakes and streams so it truly is a canoer's paradise.Plus, if you loves animals than you definitely need to check them out since this park has 40 mammal species, including the wolf. You can even go rock climbing and cycling! It's open year-round but is most beautiful during the fall!

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Now, you may be wondering just how beautiful Mont-Tremblant really is...

Well, you tell me after you see these pictures below...

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 Now, enjoy a 360-degree view of Mont-Tremblant from your bedroom!


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