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Pizza and bacon cheeseburgers, two classic fast food dishes that have satiated your hunger pangs many a time in the past, and will continue to do so in the future. Separate, the two are amazing. Joined, even better, as a slice of cheeseburger pizza will demonstrate. Ed's Easy Diner is giving you another pizza-burger food fusion option that looks to be even better, with their pizza bun double bacon cheeseburger. The name basically says it all. Ed's magnificent creation is two beef patties layered with cheese and bacon stuffed between two mini pizzas that function as the burger buns. Think about that for a second. That's pizza + cheese on bacon on cheese on meat on cheese on meat on even more pizza and cheese! Zesty pizza may not even be the best pairing with a smokey bacon cheesebuger, but just for the novelty of it, we'd be willing to head over to London to get Ed's pizza-bun burger. Besides, it not like two iconic comfort foods would go badly together, at least in terms of flavour. Your grease levels may say otherwise.

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