Montreal is famous for a few things: our culture, our rich history, and our bagels and smoked meat sandwiches. Luckily we also have plenty of amazing Jewish delis that serve these tasty treats, and then some! I mean, you can never get enough latkes and matzoh ball soup.

Here some of the best delicatessens that serve Montreal's famous Jewish deli-style foods.

1. Snowdon Deli

5265 Boulevard Décarie

Many people appreciate the smoked meat at several other delis throughout Montreal. To some, Snowdon Deli is even better than Schwartz's Deli. They also offer great matzoh ball soup, matzoh rolls and even delicious cheesecake. It's a great choice if you'd rather not wait in the almost constant lines at Schwartz's.


2. Schwartz's Deli

3895 Boulevard St-Laurent

Schwartz's Deli is one of the most famous institutions in Montreal. Conveniently located on St-Laurent, where you can walk a few blocks from the bar to the Deli to get an amazing smoked-meat sandwich. If you've never been, you should pack up and head out the door right now to grab a delicious sandwich with a side of fries and a black cherry soda. It's worth the wait in line!


Photo cred - slgckgc

3. Main Deli Steakhouse

3864 Boulevard St-Laurent

Named after St Laurent's nickname, The Main is a classic Jewish Deli located right across the street from Schwartz's Deli. They have a wider variety of options on their menu that offers different Jewish meals, like potato latkas, potato verenekes, and matzoh ball soup. Open almost 24 hours, 7 days a week, this restaurant is the place to go when you're craving a meal like your Bubby used to make.


4. Beauty's Luncheonette

93 Avenue du Mont-Royal O

Beauty's is another Montreal institution, and has been around since 1942. There's a reason why it has lasted for such a long time - its bagel lox and cream cheese (the Beauty's Special), the challah bread, and the Mish Mash have kept people coming back for more. The family that owns it are another reason why people love to come back, as they've been running this great spot for over 60 years and are welcoming and friendly.


5. Wilensky's Light Lunch

34 Avenue Fairmount Ouest

If you haven't been to Wilensky's, you've severely missed out on a great part of Montreal. Established 10 years before Beauty's, Wilensky's serves the famous Wilensky special (grilled salami on a kaiser roll - mustard mandatory) with a homemade old fashioned soda.


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