As our warm summer days are coming to an end, we're running out of time to get some ice cream! Ice cream is the typical go-to on a hot summer night and we don't have many of those left. Below is a list of the 5 best places to grab ice cream in Montreal before the summer is done.

1. La Diperie

68 Avenue Des Pins Est

La Diperie offers a spin on the traditional ice cream cone! Dip your ice-cream in a variety of chocolates and different toppings to suit your mood.

2. Les Glaceurs

1245 Rue University

Les Glaceurs is widely known for it's delicious cupcakes but they have amazing ice cream too! Can't choose which to have? Get two... we won't judge.

3. La Dolche Vita

3776 Saint-Charles Boulevard North

A little taste of Europe right in the West Island! Who doesn't love a little gelato? With tons of flavours to choose from, La Dolche Vita is definitely the best gelato spot in the city!

4. Ben & Jerrys

1230 Avenue McGill College

Good old Ben & Jerry's never fails to satisfy anyone's craving! They have the most delicious flavours with great names like Chunky Monkey and Phish Food. Definitely a guilty pleasure!

5. Menchie's Frozen Yogurt

3671 Boulevard St-Jean

Frozen yogurt is the new ice cream! When you feel that sweet tooth rearing its head but want to cut the calories, Menchies is a great place to go. With a dozen amazing flavours like Nutella, Mashmallow & Cake Batter, who can resist? You can also have your choice of basically any topping you can think of!

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