I think it's fair to say that Montreal can be considered a "foodie heaven" at times. We have quite a variety of restaurants to chose from on any given night. Even with these choices, it feels like we typically we typically lean towards things like Italian and Greek restaurants. Nothing against the taste of the masses, but for those seeking to treat their palate to a new experience, Punjabi restaurants are also on the rise in Montreal. The following list are the best of the few in no particular order.


Photo Cred - Bombay Mahal

1. Bombay Mahal

1001 Jean-Talon-Ouest

Easily one of the best Punjabi restaurants in Montreal. For those who have yet to experience Punjabi food, this restaurant may be the perfect ice breaker. Not only is it BYOB, but it is very reasonably priced, with a large variety on the menu. Just note that their butter chicken is to die for.


Photo Cred- IndianLife

2. Punjab

1661 Av Dollard

One of the thriving vegetarian restaurants in Montreal, serving quality food for a very affordable price. With such variety on their menu, there may not be a specific dish that has reached the masses here; at the same time, we can appreciate that value in vegetarian foods being served within the Punjabi culture.


Photo Cred- Gowtham Dingi

3. Restaurant India's Oven

454 Jean-Talon-Ouest

Also seen as one of the better Punjabi restaurants, India's Oven has been growing in popularity lately. Not the biggest, nor is it the smallest restaurant around, but the food continues to generate attention, and the low prices add to this attraction. Whether it's the butter chicken or their stuffed naan bread, this is a restaurant to experience.


Photo Cred - Cuisine of India

4. Punjab Palace

920 Jean-Talon Ouest

Definitely a good representation of Indian Cuisine. Regardless of how much you enjoy Indian food, you can get the full experience for a very reasonable price. Above all, this is one of the few listed BYOB restaurant; so if all else fails - drink up!!


Photo Cred - GlobeEater

5. Flavour Of India

1024 Jean-Talon Ouest

Another restaurant to support brining your own wine. Perfectly located on Jean-Talon Ouest, if you're a fan of butter chicken, a variety of curry dishes (meat and vegetarian), then this restaurant deserves a visit.


Photo Cred - AnnieP7

6. Resto Darbar

2027 St-Laurent

A thriving, family-owned restaurant. The fact that the family runs the restaurant themselves is a big bonus; simply because of the fact that the customer service is exceptional. Strictly referring to food, they are known for their butter chicken, and their tandoori chicken.


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