It's bikini season and everyone wants to be in shape. Comfort food is for winter. It's all about eating clean and looking good naked right now.

Montreal has so many cool healthy spots, that we couldn't help but share them with you. Want to nibble on something light and delicious? We thought so, here are the best healthy restaurants in Montreal. You're welcome.

1. Omnivore

4351 Boul St-Laurent

Hit up Omnivore when you're in the mood for middle-Eastern deliciousness. Hands down, best taboule salad in town. Even the most boring salad on their menu will be full of flavor. Charcoal grilled kebabs and freshly squeezed juices will make you really happy as well.


2. Aux Vivres

4631 Boul St-Laurent

All-vegan restaurant, Aux Vivres, will make you feel like you're in a sunny cafeteria. The menu is full of colors and freshness. It's the type of place you won't feel like crying after you finish your meal. Bonus points if you Bixi your way here.


Photo cred - LesGourmandesdeMontreal

3. La Panthère Verte

Multiple locations

Falafels from La Panthère Verte will make you trip. Some say, they're the best falafels in Montreal, but we'll let you be the judge. Overall, it's a perfect spot for a quick vegetarian bite.


4. Crudessence

Multiple locations

Is vegan food not healthy enough for you? Try RAW vegan! If you think raw food is not interesting, think again. Crudessence brings bold flavors to the table. Raw vegan burger? Yes, please! Possibly, the only burger that won't make you fat.


5. Lola Rosa

Multiple locations

Do vegetarian tacos, burritos or quesadillas sound good? Of course they sound good. Get them at Lola Rosa, your vegetarian wet dream  with a Mexican twist. If you want to be super healthy though, order their soup of the day, can't go wrong with that.


6. Le Cartet

106 Rue McGill

You obviously love to brunch if you're from Montreal... But if you're into healthy brunches, you should go to Le Cartet. This place is money! You can pick up something quick or sit down and have a proper brunch. Both choices are awesome.


7. Kazu

1862 Rue Ste-Catherine O

Have you ever seen a fat Japanese person (except sumo wrestlers)? No! It's because Japanese food is healthy, duh. Kazu's menu is for real foodies only and it's to die for. De-li-ci-ous! Arigato!


Photo cred - Urbanspoon

8. ChuChai

4088 Rue Saint-Denis

Looks like a regular Thai shrimp dish, right? Nope, not the case. This place is vegetarian slash vegan with mock meats and seafood. These are not actual shrimps! The craziest thing - they taste exactly like shrimps. Same goes for meats they serve at ChuChai. Mind. Blown.


9. Mandy's Salad Bar

5033 Rue Sherbrooke O

Mandy's Salad bar is heaven for salad lovers. They have a huge variety of salads to choose from and you can even make your own mix. Everything is super fresh and delicious. What can we say... they're really good salads.


10. Miss Prêt à Manger

Clean, colorful and delicious! Miss Prêt à Manger offers a broad variety of healthy lunch options and we couldn't be happier about it. A must visit if you like fresh bold flavors and we bet you do!


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