If you've been paying attention to the changing of the seasons across the province, you'll notice that some of the trees are finally starting to lose some of their leaves. Walking through outdoor areas now means you can enjoy the satisfaction of stepping on crunchy leaves. Soon enough, each tree will be beautifully coloured orange, red, and yellow for the ultimate fall scenery!

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It's no surprise Quebec has some of the best fall foliage in all of Canada. Take a trip outside of the city and you'll truly understand why autumn is the best season around. But, there has to be some unconventional ways to witness the immense beauty of the forests and nature during the new season, right? Something over-the-top unforgettable to truly appreciate the fall foliage.

Well, thats exactly what Mont Sutton's one-of-a-kind "sky tour" is for.

Via Mont Sutton

For five weekends starting on September 15 though October 14 you can experience fall in a way you never could have imagined. Take a ride on the chairlift that lifts you above the forest floor to truly capture all of the beauty Quebec offers at this time of year.

All you have to do is sit back and relax. The chairlift tour guides you through the park and even offers direct access to the many incredible hiking trails on Mont Sutton. You may want to have more than one ride though, the perfect views of the foliage are seriously that mesmerizing.

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A ride on the "sky tour" will cost adults $10 each, 6-17 year olds $7, and anyone under that age can ride with an adult for free. Mont Sutton is only an hour and a half outside of Montreal, making it the best mini-roadtrip you could possibly go on this season

What better way to celebrate fall than to fly above the beautiful orange and red trees everyone loves? You'll definitely want to be first in line for the incredible "sky tour," just don't forget to bring a camera!

For more information on the "sky tour" and other fun fall festivties, click HERE.

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