Friends, every so often, a food trend takes over that is unlike anything you've seen before. There was the mighty cakepop, its moist, white-chocolate coated goodness still consumed today. Ah, and who could forget the majestic Cronut? Its flaky-yet-moist layers are, to this day, a staple in the dessert diet of many in Montreal.

And now, behold: the rainbow bagel. Arguably, the rainbow bagel isn't exactly a food trend. It's been around for quite some time at its parent bakery in New York City, but as anyone with a Facebook could tell you, this sweet treat has just recently began picking up steam.

The second I saw the video of this bagel, I knew I had to have it, just for the novelty factor. I also knew that it was a little ridiculous to drop everything and drive six hours in pursuit of a bagel. So, my search was on to find something similar in Montreal - and imagine how thrilled I was to find out that we have pretty much exactly the same thing, right here in the city.

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Dizz's Bagels (6160 Chemin de la Côte-Saint-Luc) has been serving rainbow bagels to Montrealers for a while now, meaning that you don't have to travel very much - or at all - to experience this food trend. Know what else it means, though? You can enjoy your rainbow bagels, Montreal-style. I know, friends. This is awesome. For more information, don't forget to check out Dizz's Bagels Facebook page.

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