The infamous Subway is testing an all new addition to its sandwich-art repertoire, one that will appeal to health-nuts, foodies, and vegetarians alike.

Hummus, the delicious chickpea dip, is being tested in specific Subway restaurant locations. If successful, the new topping will be spread on Subway sandwiches across the U.S., and then, as is often the case, into Canada and Montreal.

Subway is also testing a new style of cutting its meats, making them thinner to look more sexy and delicious.

Testing for hummus began in April, and given the few vegetarian options at Subway, the addition makes sense. Hummus is pretty popular everywhere, so don't be surprised when your Subway sandwich artist asks "do you want hummus on that" in a few weeks or months.

Like Subway's previous avocado offerings, hummus will cost you a bit more moola.

Should Montreal's Subways have hummus?

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