Bagels, bagels, bagels, nothing screams Montreal like a freshly baked, hot out the oven, mouth watering bagel. We've already done the bagel debate, now we're here to celebrate the many awesome bagel bakeries Montreal has to offer. While  Montrealers are most aware of the two classic bagel shops: Fairmount Bagel and St- Viateur Bagel, the city is oozing with appetizing smells of freshly baked halos of fluffy goodness.

Fairmount Bagel

Where: 74, Avenue Fairmount Ouest
Why:  to be the tastiest bagel in the world, this well known bagel shop was first founded in 1919. Fairmount bagel carries all sorts of delicious assortments such as onion, mueslix, blueberry, pumpernickel and more.


Montreal has long been known as THE bagel capital of Canada, and Fairmount Bagel is why.

- Reader's Digest 2007

St- Viateur Bagel

Where: 263 Rue St-Viateur Ouest
Why: Founded in 1957, St- Viateur has been a favorite among many Montrealers. Using the same preparation method since its birth, St- Viatuer bagels are made with 100% natural ingredient and do not contain any preservatives. This bagel shop even delivers all over Canada and the United States! Show off your favorite Montreal bagels by sending a dozen of them to your aunt's doorstep who lives down south.


R.E.A.L. Bagel

Where: 4940 Chemin Queen Mary
Why: For those living in the suburban parts of Montreal, Real Bagel is your one stop bagel shop. With crazy varieties such as banana/ chocolate chip, and berry explosion, Real Bagel never disappoints. The best part about this suburban bagel shop? It's open 24 hours a day! That's right, bagels can be your new favorite drunchie.


Beaubien Bagel

Where: 828 Rue Beaubien E
Why: This small bagel shop is arguably to be the best smelling among all. Pass by Beaubien Bagel, and the whiff of burning wood infused with fresh baked dough will instantly drag you in. Beaubien Bagel is known for its distinct feature in that their bagels are incredibly crispy on the outside and undeniably fluffy on the inside.

Bagel Etc

Where: 4320 Boulevard St-Laurent
Why: This 50's like diner is decorated with vintage decor as old school jams circulate the restaurant. While their delicious bagels are a top seller, the menu also includes dozens of other items that will make your mouth water. Back to the bagels though, this restaurant's kitchen can do just about anything you can imagine with their bagels. Choose from a variety of spreads and toppings, and you're in for a bagel feast!

D.A.D Bagels

Where: 5732 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest
Why: Whether you walk into this bagel shop in the morning or the afternoon, a hot bagel that's fresh out of the wood fire oven is guaranteed to have your name written all over it. In comparison to other bagel shops in Montreal, D.A.D bagels are known to being incredibly sustainable when it comes to holding and packing different things, such as lox and creams cheese, chicken salad and more. Along side its incredible bagels, this shop also sells ready to eat Indian food, pastries and sandwiches.

Bagels on Greene

Where: 4160 Sainte-Catherine Rue W
Why: Another popular bagel shop among Montrealers, Bagels on Greene is popular for their consistently perfect density. After being boiled, these chewy bagels are baked in a wood fired oven. Try their poppy seed bagels for a hint of sweetness. Aside from serving fresh bagels on the daily, this trendy shop has a wonderful salad bar (as a side or stuffed into your bagel) along with dozens of gluten free options.


Are you craving some freshly baked bagels right now like we are? Which bagel shop is your favorite in Montreal? Let us know with your comments!

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