The first time I tried fish and chips, my whole world was literally changed. The flaky, fried, flavourful fish was unlike anything I'd ever tasted; and paired with those golden fries, it was a dish I legit couldn't get out of my mind.

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Since then, I've been lucky enough to try a whole wide variety of fish and chips. Definitely every dish I've tried is super good - but some just tend to stand out to me more than others.

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Like the fish and chips at Montreal's Le Pier 66 (361 Rue Bernard O). This Plateau restaurant specializes in one thing: seafood. And they do seafood very, very right.

Their menu consists of dishes like fish tartare, oysters, cod, grilled octopus, salmon pastrami, and more - so it's very safe to say they do an awesome job of blending oldschool seafood dishes with more innovative fare.

No matter what you pick, though, you're in for an awesome time. The food at Pier 66 is very flavourful, fresh, and (I'm very convinced) cooked with love.

But their fish and chips is on a whole other level.

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Offered during lunchtime, their dish - which features cod fish in a crispy, tasty batter - is seriously delicious. The batter is some of the best I've ever tried. Perfectly cooked and crisp, it's just flavourful enough to still let the savoury, buttery taste of the fish shine through.

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Served with a side of thick-cut, salty chips and coleslaw, the fish and chips at Pier 66 will pretty much change the way you lunch, friends. Trust.

Does Le Pier 66 sound like your new fave food spot? Then check out their Facebook page for more information.

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