Guys, Greek food is actually some of the best cuisine to ever grace the planet. I mean, calamari? Feta? Spanakopita? Taramosalata? Yes, yes, yes, and yaaassssss.

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Being a great fan of Greek food, I've been to quite a few spots that consistently blow me away. But no other spot is as good as one hidden gem, located in Montreal's Ahuntsic.

Nostos (9530 Boulevard de L'Acadieis a Greek restaurant near Marche Centrale, and trust me, their dishes just might blow you out of the water.

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They're known for their Greek-style grilled chicken, which I'll be completely honest with you guys, I've never tried.

I have tried their souvlaki, though, and oh man. This stuff is legit.

My favourite is their pork souvlaki pita: chunks of tender, flavourful pork stuffed into a crispy-yet-soft pita (one of the best straight-up pitas I've ever tried, BTW), with onions, tomatoes, and the tastiest tzatziki sauce I've ever tried.

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They have a huge variety of dishes to pick from, like lamb chops, butterfly shrimps, and calamari - all of which is cooked to perfection and super flavourful. And although I love their pork pita, they also have chicken and gyros souvlaki, which is super tasty, as well.

Oh, and sidenote: their taramosalata (that pink sauce made with caviar you sometimes see at Greek restaurants) is the. Real. Deal. So flavourufl, so creamy, so good.

If Nostos sounds like your next fave spot, then check out their website for more information.

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